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Import and export terms

What are the papers required to import clothes and shoes from Türkiye?

The following are the most important documents that must be obtained to complete the import process in general

Obtaining a valid commercial registration.
Import license and these documents must be approved by the government of the importing country.
Obtaining a special customs code in some countries.
Certificate of origin for the goods certified by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce.
Notarized import invoice from Türkiye.
You must make sure that your country allows the entry of these goods so as not to encounter problems during customs clearance.
A certificate of conformity paper issued by Turkish accredited bodies. It guarantees that the goods sent conform to the approved international specifications. Where the products must bear an indication of the country of origin, and they must be clear and irremovable.
Finally, after filling out the papers, it is necessary to make sure that they are filled out correctly, and then they must be kept and taken care not to damage them.

You can also import through the shipping company, which completes all procedures based on its licenses, if you do not have the above papers.

What is the minimum quantity to import clothes and shoes from Türkiye?

In order for the shipping cost to be inexpensive for you, you can start importing what contains a shipping carton with the following dimensions



I’ll give you an approximate idea of how much this carton can fit

It can accommodate approximately 500 pieces of silk veils, 200 pieces of men’s summer T-shirts, or 30 women’s dresses.

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