From your country, Establish a company in Türkiye

A company can be established in Turkey from abroad by making a power of attorney at the nearest Turkish consulate in your country or where you are

The most prominent benefits and benefits of establishing a company in Türkiye
• Issuing a visa for Turkey
• Issuing a residence permit and work permit in Turkey that may qualify you to obtain Turkish citizenship
• Opening your company’s bank account
• Investing in a large and rapidly growing market
• Obtaining health insurance

The most important points that encourage investment in Türkiye or establishing a company in Türkiye
• The political and social stability enjoyed by Türkiye in the Middle East.
• Laws that facilitate and guarantee the rights of foreigners who wish to own property in Türkiye
• Foreign investors and Turks are dealt with by the government with the same laws, as there is no difference in treatment with reference to the existence of large facilities for foreign investors.
• The advantage of exclusive laws is that the foreign investor is not required to have a Turkish partner
• Turkey’s proximity to the Arab world, and its Arab Islamic character spread in all its cities, and the Turks’ good manners, not to mention its picturesque nature, with the green mountains of Trabzon, the blue waters of the Bosphorus, Bursa waterfalls, and the wonderful mild climate in summer and winter.
The quality of life in Turkey with the cleanliness of the streets, the organization of cities, the diversity and proximity of markets, the level of education, the diversity of climate, the beauty of cities and social services
• The qualitative leap that took place in the Turkish economy during the past ten years, as the gross domestic product increased in 2014 to more than three times with future growth
• The Turkish economy is the sixteenth largest economy in the world and the sixth largest economy compared to the European Union, achieving stable economic growth at an average rate of 5%
• A work environment that encourages business and trade and the ease of establishing a company in Turkey. With an average of 5 working days, you can establish a company in Turkey.
• Turkey’s emerging economy imposes the need to invest in various electronic, health, agricultural, food and automobile industries
• Turkey ranked third in the world in exporting textiles after Germany and Italy. Among its most important exports are the chemical industries, electricity, foodstuffs and cars.
• The ease of the export process, especially in light of the Turkish state’s decision to exempt exports from any taxes.
• Marketing your business in the European Union.. Turkey is one of the most important competitors in the European market.

Types of companies in Türkiye
• Limited Liability Company LTD
• The joint stock company
• Simple Recommendation Company
• Solidarity company

The requirements for establishing a limited liability company are the most typical for small and medium-sized companies from outside Turkey

• Preparing the company’s incorporation contract, according to which the agency will be issued
• Acting as an agency for our company in the Turkish embassy in your country of residence
• Specify the name of the company.
• Choose the type of company
• Information about directors and partners.
• The company’s capital.
• Determine the company’s activities (events).
• passport copy.
• Photograph.
• Approval of your signature through the Turkish Embassy

The services that the Turkoffers platform can provide to you
• Translation and authentication of the passport code
• Provide a legal address for the company’s headquarters.
Issuing a tax number from the Tax Department.
• Issuing the commercial register containing the company’s information.
• Certificate of Events, issued by the Chamber of Commerce based on the commercial registration number.
• The company’s tax plate, which contains the company’s tax number.
• The company’s books certified by the chartered accountant
• Issuing a merchant card This is an identification card for you as a merchant and business owner in Türkiye
• Nominating a financial advisor specialized in representing your company before government departments,
• Issuance of signature authorization for the company’s manager
• Extract commercial newspaper advertisement
• Processing the company’s official seal
• Processing the company’s invoice book
Translation services
• Providing financial and legal advice
• Logo design and visual identity
Trademark registration
• Reserving the domain name ( within the domain ( designated for the official Turkish companies
• Preparing and designing the company’s website
• Preparing the company’s official emails
• Create social networking pages for the company
• Registering the company on the Google site and accrediting it as a Turkish company and registering its location in Google Maps so that customers can easily reach you.
• Managing social media accounts and launching marketing campaigns
• Extracting the land line, internet and mobile phones for companies in Türkiye.
• Print company cards
• Preparation of security clearance
• Preparing the commercial residency application file
• We help you open a bank account for the company
• We help you in recruiting the work team
• We help you in the feasibility study
• We help you to join Turkish business organizations such as TÜRSAB and other Turkish companies and business associations.

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